Read about the TRUMP tax plan and benefits for foreign investors of all sizes.

NEW ARTICLE: Trump Tax Reform and Foreign Investors in U.S. Real Estate: The boom in United States real estate caused by foreign investors is about to get bigger as a result of greatly reduced U.S. income taxes for nonresident aliens and foreign corporations. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Watch seven (7) video segments on the topic of Tax Planning Techniques for the foreign investor in United States real estate. Simply press play to view them all.

Welcome to Tax Planning for Foreign Investors investing in U.S. Real Estate

This is a web site dedicated to solving tax problems for Foreign Investors in United States real estate.

As a very active practitioner in this area, I will be adding articles of interest regularly. These will be articles like the first and second articles already posted that deal with actual tax issues. These are issues that could apply to every foreigner who is going to invest in real estate and all those that are dealing with them on an everyday basis such as the real estate broker, the real estate attorney, the accountant and other professionals in the field.

If any one of those links in the chain of professionals that are serving the Foreign Investors are unfamiliar with what the Foreigner Investor needs and how to thoroughly protect them, there is room for the possibility of problems.

ARTICLE 1: Tax Planning for Foreign Investors Acquiring Smaller ($500,000 and under) United States Real Estate Investments. Read it now

ARTICLE 2:  Tax Planning for Foreign Investors Acquiring Larger (One Million Dollars and over) United States Real Estate Investments. Read it now

I am also welcoming investors and the professionals that serve them alike to ask questions so that this web site can be a source of continuing knowledge to Foreign Investors investing in United States Real Estate.

Tax attorney, Richard S. Lehman will answer questions regarding the topic: Tax planning for the non resident alien individual and foreign corporate investor that is planning investments in United States real estate.

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